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Woman’s Ex-Boyfriend Replaced With Her Cat in Hilarious Family Pics

By admin / Published on Thursday, 17 May 2018 08:06 AM / No Comments / 45 views
Chloe Forsberg

Me-ouch! Chloe Forsberg’s sister Emily edited Chloe’s ex-boyfriend out of their family photos after they split, and she did so in a surprisingly creative way.

Instead of cutting the guy out of the pics, Emily replaced him with photos of the family’s cat, to hilarious effect. “The original photos were taken four years ago at my cousin’s wedding, where I was a bridesmaid,” Chloe tells Us Weekly. “My ex-boyfriend and I had been together for four years at the time, so he was in quite a few wedding photos. We broke up six months later, and I felt bad that he was in the pictures, so my sister Emily surprised me with the updated ones, which she created on Microsoft Paint!”

Chloe Forsberg

The 27-year-old England native shared the photos — in which the sisters, their cat, and other family members can be seen posing with the bride and groom — with BBC Radio 1 host Greg James on Twitter. The snaps went viral after he retweeted them.

“I had never shared [the photos] online until my favorite radio DJ Greg James tweeted a similar picture,” Chloe tells Us. “I replied to him with these photos thinking I might be lucky to get a like from him, but he retweeted it and it’s gone a bit crazy since then!”

Chloe’s ex is not offended by her sister’s adjustments to the family pics. “No hard feelings toward my ex-boyfriend!” she told Today. “We spoke about it and we had a laugh. Some people thought it was a bit of a cruel thing, but he found it funny!”

Sadly, one member of the brood is not able to join in the fun. The cat pictured in the photos, Woof, died last year. The feline joined the Forsberg family when Chloe was 10.

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